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High Q Products
This is a killer 49 Buick that my Dad and I built the chassis on. We did the Firebird subframe, a modified Torque Arm rear suspension, 455 Buick engine,
Beautifully executed Mini-T One on many mini-cars this being a Willy's
Another variation of the mini-car contingent Not your grandson/son's Radio Flyer
Beautiful Studebaker Lark
A shot of Rich McKnight's "Wyd Ryd" truck from the back. Rich is a local kid who has a lot of talent and it you get a chance to see this truck spend some time checking it out and tell him you saw it here. Check out more of his truck here Another shot of "Wyd Ryd" from the front
Another shot of "Wyd Ryd" under the hood Another shot of "Wyd Ryd's" interior
Another shot of "Wyd Ryd" truck from the right side
I love this color. I also love 70 Impala Convert's

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