This is an adapter to mount a 78 to 87 G body GM booster to the Buick pedal and mount. It's about 1 1/2" thick. I used a Camaro master cylinder, as the Buick has 4 wheel discs.
This is a shot showing the radiator and A/C condenser mounting, and the radiator shroud. All the mounts were made from 14 ga. and 16 ga. steel.
This is a Porky's Hydraulics pump mounted under the package tray to hide it after the trunk is upholstered. The elbow at the left is the filler, it is to be removed and plugged with an allen plug,after it's full. All that will show is the allen plug.
The solenoid is from a snow plow, and is mounted to the left of the filler. The dump valve is mounted on top of the pump.
There are fiber glass cruiser skirts inset into the quarters on the rear. The opening is outlined with 1/4" rod and filled into the panel.
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