The stock length on a tri five rear end is 59-5/8. You should always measure from end to end where the wheel bolts on, not the backing plates. If you measure from the backing plate, depending on the width of the rear brake shoes, you will get a different measurement.

Same width as classic are---66-67 Chevelle, 67-81 Camaro, 68-76 Nova. 2 3/4 inches narrower than a classic---65-67 Chevy 2/Nova----About 1 1/4 inches wider than a classic---68-72 Chevelle, 70-72 Monte Carlo. This is what I have in my notes. I'm pretty sure they are close to accurate. Other rear ends in same body group could work also. Good Luck

S-10 2x4 rearends are around 53 inches overall. 4x4 rearends measure out about 58 inches. The 96 and up 4.3 S-10's have the 8.5 inch 10 bolt, or so I have been told. Measure before you spend $$. I like to set up the wheels I plan to run and measure between and go from there. Just hate it when wheels don't set right.

more info regarding '57-'64 Olds/Pontiac rear ends.

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